Venue Coordinator does not equal to Wedding Coordinator/Planner

Most brides will have said “the venue has a coordinator and they will handle everything, I don’t need a wedding planner/coordinator.”(Lauren, +2015, Every Last Detail)


What most brides don’t quite understand is that the venue coordinator is just there for the VENUE, not you. (Nothing against venue coordinators- I love them and they’ve helped me out a lot before!) If they tell you they can handle things on the day of your wedding, it’s true- they can, but it’s only within a certain scope.

A venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue. Myself, as a wedding coordinator looks out for the best interest of my bride and groom. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with the venue.  I will take care of all aspects of the venue, such as setup, and will make sure everything is to your specifications and things that happen outside of the venue.



If you are having your ceremony outside of the venue, your venue coordinator will not be there but I will look after you wherever you need me to. I will stay by your side throughout the entire wedding planning journey.



Venues are known to have a high turnover rate among the coordinator/sales positions. The person that you book your wedding with may or may not still be there when it comes time for your wedding a year, year and a half later. Once I am hired by YOU, hand selected by YOU, and till the wedding ends, I won’t be going anywhere.



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18 / 02 / 2016